Mobile Access System Plan for Indian Railway System

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Assignment Title – Mobile Access System Plan for Indian Railway System .Word Count: 1500 LETTER FOR TRANSMITTAL April 02, 2015 Mr. John Smith, CEO Indian Railway Dear Sir: Below is the report on IT restructure to include secure mobile integrated access to various reservation services in stages as requested in a letter from the Registrar to me on March 15th. As you will see, mobile access systems can be incorporated with a range of features and is being implemented by Railway Information Systems. I have carefully researched this emerging mobile market.My report first identifies the objective and benefits of mobile access systems. I have then compared the top four operating systems.Finally, my conclusions and recommendations identify the best mobile access system hardware and software solutions for Indian Railway within the specified limitations. Thank you, Mr. Smith and Team, for the opportunity to prepare this report. Please contact me for any further information. I hope you will think of me for your future research needs. Sincerely, Bincy Gijo Information Systems Consultant EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The passenger reservation system is one of the important online reservations in Indian Railway. The use of mobile and wireless technology to meet organization needs and goals is top priority among the globe. My report deals with a Mobile Access System plan for various reservation systems in Indian Railway. This consists of two key components Passenger Mobile Access System and Wireless Mobile Access System. It is designed to benefit different stakeholders. This report has been divided into stages to ensure appropriate feedback is given at each stage and also due to costs involved. It is necessary to create agreement among stakeholders about the need of these tools to enhance efficiency. TABLE OF CONTENTS LETTER FOR TRANSMITTAL3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 LIST OF ASSUMPTIONS6 BACKGROUND 6 INTRODUCTION6 1. DEPLOYMENT OF CONSUMER MOBILE ACCESS SYSTEM PLAN7 1.1 Business Goals7 1.2 Technical Goals7 1.3 Access to Various Operating Systems8 2. DEPLOYMENT OF WIRELESS ACCESS SYSTEM PLAN8 2.1 Business Goals8 2.2 Technical Goals9 2.3 Access to Various Operating Systems9 3. SECURITY 9 3.1Concerns10 3.2Potential Solutions10 4. PROVISIONAL LIST OF EXPENSE ITEMS11 5. CONCLUSION & RECOMMENDATION12 6. REFERENCES13 LIST OF ASSUMPTIONS

  1. Indian Railway is the third largest railway network in the world which connected to East, West, North, South and Central Zones and serves over 50 million passengers every day.
  2. Online Reservation and Mobile Tracking Services allow all major stakeholders secure access to relevant information to manage and improve outcomes.
  3. The passenger reservation system was known the name Integrated Multi-train Passenger Reservation System (IMPRESS) which could switch the functional necessities of reservation, accounting,

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