Mission statement for Marks and Spencer

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1.0: Introduction In this report a critical analysis on Marks and Spencer Plc is presented to the reader emphasising upon key theoretical areas to identify whether the argument of Scott (2003)[1] that an organization’s goals and not the key to understanding the organization no more than the origin of the organization, structure, culture, technology, and other strategic elements of the organization. In this report the four theoretical concepts of strategy listed below are analysed on the company or interest: Marks and Spencer Plc – UK’s retail giant.

  1. Organisational purposes, stakeholders and ethics
  2. Environmental sensitivity and scanning
  3. Effectiveness: Added value and success
  4. Processes, functions and their management

The analysis presented in this report aims to identify whether the company’s mission statement (or goal) provides a better understanding of the organization on its own than the aforementioned. 2.0: Mission Statement or goals of Marks and Spencer Plc Marks and Spencer Plc is a century old retail sector organization that has seen tremendous growth in the retail business across the globe through innovative methods of business and marketing (Data monitor, 2004[2]). The company’s mission statement or the goal as stated in its corporate website is “To make aspirational quality accessible to all”[3] From the mission statement of the organization it is clear that the organization’s goals are mostly implicit in nature (i.e.) the company’s goals are not explicitly mentioned. Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes (2003)[4] argue that the organizational goals play a vital role in reaching the customers and of strategic importance. This is not only because of the increase in the awareness among the customers and stakeholders but also due to the increase in the competition because of which the competitors try to communicate their company values to attract new customers as well as retain existing customers. Furthermore, Richard Lynch (2003)[5] argues that the goals of the organization when communicated through the mission statement of the company not only should be explicit but also provide a concrete statement that is not misleading. In the light of this argument, an insight into the mission statement of marks and Spencer Plc not only proves it is misleading but also justifies that it is rather elusive in nature sending mixed signals to the external environment. Since the mission statement derives the goals of an organization and the increasing tendency of the organization to communicate the mission statement has justified that the mission statement of the organization should be explicit in communicating its values and goals. Asda Plc: UK’s second largest food retailer (company profile, 2005[6]) on the other hand communicates its mission statement as follows “To be Britain’s best value retailer exceeding customer needs……Always”[7] From the above statement it is clear that the company is explicitly communicating that its goal it to provide best value goods and services to the customers.

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