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REPORT ON Management information system on Travel management Submitted to: Prof. Prashant Barge Submitted on: 10th Sep 2010 By: Praveen Kumar Rajesh Kumar Abhigyan Banerjee Kushal Reddy Shobhit Lasod Deepak M 10020741049 10020741050 10020741051 10020741052 10020741053 10020741054 A STUDY OF EXISTING MIS SYSTEM AT KIRTY TOURS AND TRAVELS – NASIK ? About Kirty Tours and Travels Kirty Tours & Travels is a deep-rooted name for arranging different types of tour with excellent packages available like North India Tour package, South India Tour package, India golden triangle tour, Pilgrimage tours etc. Involved in the line of providing superb tour packages, we have 20 years of experience acting as very best travel agents and tour operator. Their main mission is to achieve a concrete success in the Industry and build the Brand Image of the company beyond heights. They are continuously trying to achieve the goal of being one among the Fortune companies and provide the maximum customer satisfaction. We are moving ahead with our excellent services of North India Tour package, South India Tour package, India golden triangle tour that are capable of changing the trends of the life styles. Objective of the Project: The aim of this project is to study the daily business operations of a tour and travels business/ operator, examine their existing information system in detail and suggest changes/ improvements in their existing Management Information system. As part of this assignment, we chose to study the system prevailing in Kirty Tours and Travels, Nasik. Kirty tours is a fairly big tours and travels operator having 4 branches in Nasik city and provides services like bus, rail and air ticket booking, package holiday and tours and pilgrimage bookings. In this endeavour we would like to make the usiness more responsive and flexible by proposing a new MIS system which can serve the overall information needs of the business. Our proposed MIS system will tightly integrate financial, booking and customer management systems. Our MIS system integrates all phases of travel management – submitting initial requests, planning, online booking, and submitting and settling travel expenses. The application includes a tailored user interface for all roles involved in processes used by travel agent. The new travel Management MIS provides an end-to-end solution for managing business of a travel agent. The solution provides features and functions that allow them to perform: ? ? Travel planning and online booking – This system enables travel agent to book flights, hotels, cars, and country-specific rail options, as well as look up related information. In addition, the application fully supports communication with customer, making interactions more efficient. Travel management reporting – Travel management MIS system supports decision-making and facilitates the development and implementation of new travel management strategies. Travel Management system optimizes the entire trip life cycle, from travel requests and approvals through planning and reservations, travel bills management, policy compliance, and analytics. These are a few reasons why the management of Kirty tours and travels should look for new / proposed MIS system: ? ?

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