Mining Patterns for Career path based on Innate Talents

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Selecting an appropriate career path is one of the most important decisions in an individual’s life span. People end up getting into a profession where they neither enjoy nor get out of it due to several reasons like financial situation, family pressure, single source of income, cost of education and availability of vast career opportunities. Thus, student may select a wrong career option and the consequences of this wrong decision could be job dissatisfaction.

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An ultimate motive behind this research is to identify the most suitable career path that fits personality and working environment resulting positive outcome such as job satisfaction by using an appropriate data mining technique and a validated Holland’s theory, which is one of the most popular models used for career personality tests. Apart from this, other three factors will be obtained. Thus, for finding the Intersection, four factors are going to be considered: their personality traits, their interests, market trends and pay scales. The proposed system would help students to select an appropriate career path based on their personality traits by matching their “three-letter code” with the employee’s code.


In Today’s world Career recommendation to the college students is a herculean task.

The awareness of Career among the students is very less. Some students don’t know their abilities. Some students choose the career because his/her friend has chosen the same or their guardian forces them to opt for a career without knowing the actual interests, strengths and abilities in a particular area. Some parents force to satisfy his dream which they have seen in their childhood. Thus, students suffer a whole life.

So, to help students from such conditions people have started the career counselling organizations. They provide guidance regarding career but does not analyse the abilities of the students. So, they allow students to choose career on their own. Here same problems occur that students don’t know their actual interest, abilities and strengths.

Thus, to overcome such situation this project aims at evaluating some patterns by applying data mining techniques on employee’s data that would help students to select an appropriate career path based on their personality traits, their interests, market trends and pay scales.


There are various websites and web applications over the internet which helps students to know their suitable career path. But most of those systems only used personality traits as the only factor to predict the career, which might result in an inconsistent answer. Similarly, there are few sites that suggest career based on only the interests of the students. But the systems did not consider market trends and pay scales to increase the job satisfaction. None of the system has considered all the four factors namely personality traits,

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