Midsummer Night’s Dream: List of Scenes

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Act I scene i, Begins with Theseus, duke of Athens and Hippolyta the women he will be marrying. They discuss how they want to set up their wedding which will be held in four days. While they were planning their wedding, Egeus a citizen of Athens and his daughter hermia come to see Theseus with a complaint.

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Egeus has a complaint against his own daughter because she was supposed to marry Demetrius. Hermia’s father has promised her, but now Lysander also a citizen of Athens has won over hernias heart and she has fallen in love. Hermia does not listen to Egeus her father land refuses to marry Demetrius. So Egeus has no other choice but to let the law punish hermia. Theseus tells her if you do not go through with marrying Demetrius there will be consequences and hermia would be sent to a nunnery or put to death.

Theseus then asks Egeus if he could talk to him aside so they begin to talk leaving hermia and Lysander alone to talk, Lysander plans a crazy plan to get married outside of Athens at his aunt’s house that treats him like his son. Doing this they say they will be free from Athens and could finally live there live together and that’s exactly what they planned for the following night.

Act I scene ii, Far from Theseus palace in another place In Athens a group of actors meet at the house of Peter Quince to rehearse a play that will be performed at Theseus and hermias grand wedding. While Peter quince is trying to instruct the meeting the annoying nick bottom interrupts saying that the play they should be about two lovers that are separated by there parents and speak through a wall. But one night Thisbe gets attacked by a loin and Pyramus finds her bloody clothing realizing that the lion has killed his true love which then he commits suicide. After discussing the play Peter quince gives the actors their roles. The very annoying nick bottom tells quince that he should have the roles of the women’s voice or Thisbe or evening the lion because he has the ability to roar the loudest and best. But Peter quince was very worried that he could scare the ladies in the audience which then he would be executed. But nick tells quince that he will be able to roar the sweetest as a nightingale so that nobody will be frightened.Peter finally gets nick to want to play Pyramus because that’s the only part he could play. After Peter quince gets nick bottom to act out the appropriate role for him,The entire group the next night goes out to the woods to rehearse their play.

Act II scene i,

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