Middle Ages: Black Death Plague

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There are alot of important events when it comes to the Middles Ages but I believe that the most important one was the Black Death. Some of the many reasons why I strongly believe that it is important is, it has very interesting back story like its origin and how it first arrive in Europe at that time,the amount of people it killed during the Middle Ages, the major impact it had at the time whether it be economical environmental or even the world impact left long after the disease.The Black Death had plenty of names during its time such as the Bubonic Plague some even called it the blue sickness or how I call it the Black Plague.This sickness was a very major sickness that some say killed around 30-50 percent of the population some people believe it kill even more during its reign of terror the lasted around 4 years,1347-1351,during the Middle Age..

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When it comes to the Black Death it wasn’t your ordinary disease this disease has an extremely high mortality rate”certain varieties can have a mortality rate of over ninety-nine percent. this disease managed to pretty much kill everyone and leaving you with only a one percent chance to survive, you have a higher chance of getting accepted to some of the top schools in the Ivy League like Brown or Harvard which both have an eight percent acceptance rate, then surviving this Disease.The Black Death was a very painful disease, one of the first signs of the Plague would be the swelling of your Lymph Nodes whether it be on any side of your neck, under your armpit, behind your ears and sometimes even under your groin, this really depends on where you got bitten by the flea.For example if you got bitten in the neck that is where the lymph nodes will swell. Not only will your lymph nodes swell but they will also turn black, and some say that they would swell up to be the size of a golf ball or an egg. Following the swelling a couple days later you would start to bleed a lot interior and exterior by coughing, you would bleed so much that you would get black spots on your body,also you would start to feel like you’re getting a Fever, feeling weak and get the chills. It was basically like getting the Flu today just with lot of bleeding. It did not just stop there when it came to the Black Death, there was two forms of the plague going around at the time. Those two types were called Bubonic and Pneumonic, the Bubonic was spread through Black rats with fleas and these fleas would bite humans and spread the bacteria whereas pneumonic was spread throughout one was lungs by coughing kind of like the flu or the common cold.

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