Micro and Macro Environment for Baby Formula

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Every business organization is part and parcel of the business environment. This environment is the one in which the business operates and interact. In reality, no business or organization can operate in isolation.

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This is because; many factors are closely surrounding the business (Blythe, 2005). These factors are what is referred to as a business environment. The microenvironment is a type of environment that affects the internal functioning of an organization. It is directly attached to the organization, and moreover, it covers a smaller area in which the organization operates. The micro-environment can be distinct from one organization to another, and the organization can adequately take necessary steps to control this type of environment (McDonald, Dunbar, 2013).

On the other hand, Macro- environment is a type of environment within the economy, which affects an organization decision making and the strategy of all the businesses in the economy. This type of environment cannot be easily controlled since it keeps on changing. Also, no business organization is exempted from this particular type of environment (Cant, 2006).

Baby formula is the type of product that acts as an alternative to natural breast milk. This product is mainly meant for infant babies, and instead of mothers having direct breastfeeding they resort to the use of the baby formula. This formula is ascertained to be safe and healthy for the babies. They exist in different ranges and types, but all in all, they serve the same purposes (Dibb, Simkin, 1995). The business is manufacturing baby formula. Type known as Aptamil Gold.

The target market for the Amtamil Gold product will be the breastfeeding mothers and their infants.

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