Mental Illness and Incarceration

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This research paper will discover the mental illness, incarceration and the nature of the prisons in the United States. Mentally ill people are so many in the prisons and their numbers increases substantially. Currently, mentally ill people are crowded behind bars compared to in the mental hospitals.

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When criminals go to prison, they are usually mentally fit, but when their incarceration periods end, they develop the illness (Schizophrenic). This is due to the difficulty in adapting to the correctional system and the confinement. Schizophrenia causes the in ability to process thoughts and even emotion and makes the victim to act in a manner that is not appropriate. Those imprisoned when mentally ill, their conditions of living inside the prison worsens their situations. This is an important topic to research on because it will find out how the people who are mentally ill are over presented to the system of justice. I should therefore be allowed to pursue this research to understand the psychological effects of the solitary confinement and the crisis caused by high incarceration rates as well as the long prison sentences.

In order to understand the effect of crime and mental illness, it is crucial to first now the nature of the lives in the prison. The rooms are small with improper hygiene. Staff is very minimal and of limited time. Also, with the other criminals, conversations are limited. Therefore, more time is spent in isolation. This isolation affects the mental illness and makes the offender dangerous. As mentioned earlier in the text, Torrey, et al, (2010), stated that, many mentally ill individuals are in prison than in the mental hospitals. Some of them obtain the illness from there. There may be an association between a criminal behavior and an illness, and this gives a better explanation on the reason why individuals indulge in criminal activities while others do not.

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