Men as Sucess Objects and Woman as Sex Objects

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Response to Simon Davis’ “Men as Success Objects and Woman as Sex Objects: A Study of Personal Advertisement I really enjoyed this reading because it just made me think of “stereotypes” as a whole in the perspective that maybe all stereotypes come some sort of truth. I mean we all would like to think we don’t attribute to these stereotypes but in fact we do. Stereotypes don’t always apply to everyone but indeed they are brought into existence by the fact the reoccur over and over again.

In history people have observed that really successful man can get really attractive woman like for example Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been married four times and divorced three and each woman he was married to have been very conventionally attractive with a nice physique. You can only imagine if you didn’t know Donald Trump and you saw him next to his wife with his reseeding hairline and her young toned body you would only assume she was a “gold digger”.

By assuming things like these we ourselves are attributing to these stereotypes that “successful men” and “sexy woman” could only be together because their relationship is based on ones financial situation or the other ones attractiveness and not based on a relationship built on common interests and support. In a sense we have the right to assume these things because we see that relationships like that never have the longevity of other relationships. We are raised in a society were we look up to pop culture figures like Donald Trump. We are influenced by their actions because their lives are broadcasted in all sorts of media.

We pay attention to there lifestyles which become the norm for us, so even though we wouldn’t like to say it in the back of our minds for guys we all want to be successful so we can get that “perfect girl” and for girls in the back of their mind they want to get the guy who wants to be successful.

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