Meme Concept in Communication

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Outstanding technological shifts have characterized the last three decades. They have transformed the world. One of the most significant technological advancement was the foundation of the internet, a system that fundamentally modified human interaction.

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The development of the internet made it simpler for people to interact with another and the widespread adoption of the internet additionally revolutionized human communication. One far-reaching and prevalent culture that has developed as a result of easier communication is the use of memes. A meme is a conception, technique or custom that escalates from one person to another with the purpose of sending a particular meaning or idea represented by the meme. The spread of memes has significantly shaped how people communicate, and they have played a fundamental role in advancing the contemporary digital culture. Memes provide a compelling new way of blending a few things such as art, creativity, humor and the intended message.

One of the central ideas used in the development of memes is the use of symbolism. According to Porter, symbolism points to the use of figures to pass an opinion from one person to the other (Porter 2013). Modern memes have attained unproportioned success, and this is a factor attributed to the ability of the individual memes to use symbols that people in the digital culture can relate to something else. A case in point, the United States government, back rolled an internet privacy legislation established by the Obama administration and the United States population took to the internet to express their disappointment (K. a. Bajpai 2017). Smeagol or Gollum was one of the characters used in the viral memes. He is an infamous character in the film “”Lord of the Rings”” and “”The Hobbit.”” The meme is captioned “”Your Browsing History We Needsss It”” mimicking how Smagol talks, but there is a deeper meaning to this particular meme.

The person behind the creation of this meme would have used any other character, but they chose to use Smagol who is an essential figure in the digital culture as he helps to convey specific ideas. In the film “”The Lord of the Rings”” and “”The Hobbit”” Smeagol is portrayed as destructive and contemptuous in that he tries to eat Bilbo a fellow hobbit only since he needs something to eat and raw fish are entirely his everyday meal (Chen 2012). This is an idea that is conveyed in the meme relating to internet privacy. The law that was reverted prevented internet providers from selling a person’s internet history and cookies to third parties. By regressing this bill, Congress and the internet service providers showed nothing but contempt for their subscribers, as they disregard the importance of internet privacy to their consumers. Internet service providers pushed for reconsideration of the initially instituted law preventing the sale of a person’s internet browsing history to third parties.

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