Meet the German Diet

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The following questions are being edited in compliance with the PBL: Meet the German Diet (MGD) assignment revision which is due 10-20-2018:

  1. What would be Jane’s first steps?
  2. ANSWER: Jane’s first step in the compilation of the report is to conduct a literature review that may include the following words/phrases in the search engine: Amish, Diet, Type 2 Diabetes, etc. The literature review should be limited to returns that are a) from medical journals or other refereed sources and b) 5 years or younger in regards to publication date to ensure accuracy and up-to-date information. This information once collected should be share with her writing partner so that they can vet the references together in regards to pertinence to their topic. In the case of partners working together on the literature review, it may be helpful to set up a drop box so that both can contribute literature for review when writing the paper. By doing this, it is also easier to double check and eliminate double entries of the same articles or similar articles.

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  3. What data would be important? What biostatistics could she apply to the data?
  4. ANSWER: Because the topic is that of why Amish have less incidence of Type II Diabetes, it would be important to ascertain whether or not Amish truly have less Type II Diabetes not only in the geographic area of the country that Jane and Mike work, but also around the United States as well as possibly abroad (the decision to include other countries should be made at the start of the literature review). This could be done through a survey or reviewing established data sets from the state health department. It should be understood however, that the Amish do not commonly use physician’s services, preferring to first try home or natural remedies. Therefore a diagnosis of diabetes could go unmade for quite some time; therefore statistical data may be limited.

    Regarding the types of biostatistics that can be applied, it depends on the type of study that is done. According to Savage, Kubs and Groves (Savage CL, 2016), causality determines whether or not there is a cause and effect relationship regarding risk factors and health effects. If one reverses this thought so that instead of looking at what causes diabetes in Amish, the researcher looks at what causes there to be a lack of diabetes in Amish populations, then the causal relationship becomes important. This might further lead to the use of an Ecological model as the best method for examining the German Diet and its effect on Amish populations. This is due to the Ecological Model looking at “groups” as opposed to individuals.

    If interested in only determining a) how many Amish have Type II Diabetes at this time,

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