Medication Adherence In African Americans

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2. Methodology:

Critically examine possible quantitative and qualitative approaches to examining medication adherence/compliance in African Americans and choose the ‘best’ research method (support your choice). Denote the strengths and weaknesses of using multiple regression and logistic regression when analyzing data. When you have a dependent variable that can be continuous or dichotomous, choose which regression you would use and support your answer. What are the ethical implications of examining perceived injustice, coping, and relationship with health care provider in African Americans? Methodology

Quantitative Approaches to Medication Adherence/Compliance in African Americans

The purpose of the research study conducted by Thomas (2007) was to examine the relationship of components of self-concept (body sensation, body image, self-consistency, self-idea, and moral-ethical-spiritual self) and cognitive perceptions with adherence to prescribed recommended health regimes (low sodium diet, regular aerobic activity, and prescribed medications) in individual with heart failure (HF). This study used a descriptive correlational design was used to determine if relationships existed between predictor variables and medication regimes was a threat or challenge to self-concept and the outcome variable of adherence to prescribe health regime. Because of the some of the wording when describing the variables, clarity was problematic and re-reading was done several times to get an understanding of what the study was trying to measure. The research questions were written clearer than the description of the statistical analysis with the independent and dependent variables. A power analysis was conducted. The effect size of 0.13 was considered small and may not adequately measure the strength of the relationship between variables. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval was obtained. The convenience sample was identified by clinic staff from two different heart failure clinics that screened for inclusion and exclusion criteria, 97 out of 134 subjects met the criteria. There was no mention of how the principal investigator trained the data collector to ensure consistency. No instruments were found that used Roy’s Self-concept Mode Theory to investigate adherence in individual with HF, so a demographic questionnaire and three research instruments were developed using expert assistance. One of the instruments, the HF screening test (10 items) was not pilot tested prior to use. The cognitive perception of cardiovascular healthy lifestyles (57 items) was pilot tested and considered reliable. The adherence questionnaire (6 items) had low reliability scores. Validity indexes were high for all three instruments. Descriptive correlational and predictive correlation analysis using Pearson product moment correlation and stepwise multiple regression was appropriate statistical test to answer the research questions. Of the two research questions, one addressed relationships and the other addressed explaining variances. SPSS was used for data analysis. All data was collected during a regularly scheduled office visit by clinic staff. Verbal consent was obtained and implied consent was evidenced by completion of the questionnaires. Verbal and written instructions were given and confidentiality was explained. Subjects were given the questionnaires, pen, clipboard, and return envelope. Questionnaires were collected by the principal investigator, and kept in a locked, secure file until entered in the database.

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