Media Violence and Children

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Media Violence and Children

My first research article, Media violence, and children, written by ?ENG?–N??L, Turhan explains the negative effects of media on children. This article also provides various scientific methods, studies, and theories related to the media and its influence on today’s generation. I used the Social learning theory which is related to the main idea of this article.

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According to the social Leaning Theory, people learn to behave and act by observing people and sources around them. For example, they learn to behave good and bad both by observing different kinds of people in their environment (Bandura, 1977).

As this article focuses on the relationship between the media violence and the children, so it can be said that children develop aggressive behavior by observing violence in the media. Further, observational learning explained that media can impact children for a short and long period of time. Their regular contact with violent enhancing sources makes them aggressive that they look the rest world with an aggressive point of view. Various research studies provided evidence that children who spent their time watching violent movies and playing violent video games are likely to be more aggressive. According to the studies, television is seen as the most effective in contributing aggression in people.

A study conducted for 2000 people in the United States revealed that the children from the ages of 8 to 18 spent 7 hours a day with media which means that the two third of people are exposed to TV viewing. (Rideout, Foehr and Roberts, 2010). Moreover, it is also replacing the enrollment of children in active, creative and various social activities. The studies showed the results as an increase in youths before and after the introduction of the television. (Joy, Kimball, and Zabrack, 1986). So, social learning theory and observational theories played a great role in describing the negative influence of media on adolescence. The Second Research article will explain the children’s behavior, habits,

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