Media in 2027

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This paper presents a narrative describing a day in life ten years from now, my envision on the future of the media and internet. In the quest to understand this concept in broader perspective, I will focus on mediasphere 2027 in all sectors like political, entertainment, technological, social, economic among others.In the political context, the paper will mainly discuss regulation of web content, effects of global warming to the government, increased piracy, lack of privacy, future management of hazardous waste, lack of neutrality and mandatory government announcements among others. In the social context, the paper opts to consider: future human interaction classes, behavioral perspectives like youtube, snap chat, facebook, twitter, Instagram among others, moreover in the delicate food chain would be of no exception when discussing the social aspect of the media.Here more focus would be channeled to sustainability, dirty water and movement to locally sourced plant-based foods.

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With regards to economic aspects of the media in 2027, the paper will base its arguments on digital currency, hybrid storefronts, boom, digital currency, fossil fuel replacement and legal pot.The technological aspect will shift focus on the wave power, cyborg, quicker physical transportation, emotive brainwave interface among others.Lastly, this paper will also include entertainment aspect of media as at 2027 with much emphasis on de-evolution, streaming rules on a broadcast model like radio and tv, and splintering audiences. When one would be asked the question, `where do you see the media in ten years? ` It becomes so exciting and an at the same time it presents a dilemma whereby one is spoilt for choices as one needs to ponder about it in correlation on what the world was ten years ago, how it is currently and the envision on how it may be ten years to come.Personally, I envision 2027 internet of things to be redundant owing to the extensive connectivity of element in ten years ten hence becoming superfluous.I foresee a time when technology will be pervasive therefore changing everything. The following trends are likely to be seen in the media sector in 2027; The human-computer interfaces are most likely to migrate from current touching and texting based mechanisms to me hi-tech, augmented and mixed realities coupled with voice and sign language enabled UIs.Besides, there is likely to be expansiveness and a considerable rise in the business networks which are likely to be automated in the form of B2B marketplaces which would enhance sharing of information to a variety of consumers and among business partners.That would in tern otherwise empower more contextual knowledge among the personnel apart from business processes augmentation with advanced enlightenment.

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