Media and Representation of Black Women

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According to Park (165), negative images of the dark women appears two times as often as positive pictures. This fact was reported in the year 2013. Representation of the black woman in the media has raised a great concern as to why in most cases they are used to make representations.

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This representation remains to support negative stereotype on black women in the media up to date. DuBois opinion is that damnation was tied to decentralization of the motherhood which came from western culture. From the beginning, Gammage reports that the powerful ad the most effective site is the contemporary media that secure black woman from being dehumanized. DuBois, states that this agenda is educated by conceptions of racism, femininity and sexism which came as a result of slavery which the black women fell to be target of. Many view the use of images from black woman to be significant and as and as a result these people neglect the cultural view on the use of the black woman in the media for representation. Media presentation of minorities is not seen to have positive impact. According to Bobo (289), feminists among other scholars greatly criticizes this and advocates for human rights to stop this exploitation. The essay will evaluate pros and cons of using black woman in the media.

By analyzing peoples judgments and views on representation of black women in the media there are a lot of cones. Representation of women in the media have a great effect to the society and even the woman represented in the media. First problem is witnessed in the women. Women object themselves in terms of their body surveillance by adopting such form of unconsciousness, where they look at their bodies external appearance and become highly afraid on how their people or her society will perceive their body physical appearance as sais by Wood (126). Self-objection to ladies results to depression, this problem increases a complete human functioning and my end up resulting to of multiple life tasks. Moreover, women representation in the media can result to sexual dysfunction in accordance to Omaro (437). Which one openly witness or sees people in the act of sex like in pornography, this results to one focusing on one’s body and in the process of sexual relations a woman is fully destructed by thoughts about her body instead of having pleasure.

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