‘Mean Girls’ Is A Teenage Film

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‘Mean Girls’ is a teenage film directed by Mark Waters which is the best example in sociology through the socialization, social structure, and group in the movie. It also reflects Marxist theory and the Iron Law of Oligarchy. The movie is about Cady Heron who comes from Africa and was home-schooled by her zoologist parents. Moving to another country and attending a public school is totally strange to her; moreover, it struggles with making new friends while she has no experience in a public school.

First, Marxist theory is the belief that class differentiation is the critical determinant of social, economic, and political inequality which is one major theme in the film. Marx viewed class struggle as the result of the conflict between the groups such as ‘The Plastics’ and the other groups in which the higher class having all the power and the lower class being taken advantage of. ‘The Plastics’ group which is considered a popular group and creating trends for everyone follow includes Regina George, Gretchen Weiners and Karen Smith. They are the most popular in school because they are rich and beautiful.

In that group, Regina George is the Queen Bee and the others are followers. As the beginning of the movie, other students describe her as “glorious”, “her hair insurance costs thousand dollars”, “always wins Queen Spring Fling” ( ‘Mean Girls’, 8:26-8:46). The other is the lower class who is treated unfairly includes Janis and Damian, Asians and so on. Janis said Regina was a life ruiner and she ruined people’s lives; therefore, Janis wants Cady to join in the Plastics to ‘crack’ them. Janis is a model of the lower class who wants social change because they were run over and humiliated by the rich people, and now they want to revolt and change their lives.

Next, groupthink is a phenomenon especially in ‘The Plastics’ which describes clearly in the film that members always follow what Regina says and what she says is always true. In the lunchroom, when Gretchen tells Cady their group rules which Cady thinks ” girl’s world has a lot of rules” (‘Mean Girls’, 13:40) such as wearing jeans only on Friday or ponytail only once a week; moreover, if anyone breaks a rule, they cannot sit with ‘The Plastics’ anymore and have to sit with the ‘Outcast’ which indicates Janis and Damian.

In Regina’s bedroom, the girls look at the mirror and complain about something bad or “weird” about themselves; the way these girls look at Cady force her to say something bad about herself either.

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