Math in the Real World

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introduction I chose accountant for the career to do my project on. The reason I chose accountant was because that is one of my options to become when I get older. There are a couple of things that I want to know about accountants. I want to know what kind of formulas they use or do they just use the basics like addition, subtract, multiplication, and division. I also want to know what the average salary for them a year. Those were just a few of the questions that I have for this project; hopefully I will have answers for all of my questions by the completion of this project. These questions do have a lot to do with whether or not I go into this field that is mainly why I chose this career to see whether it would actually be something I want to do or not. Career Investigation Accountants use mathematics everyday in their line of work. First Accountants use problem solving in cases where the balance sheets or income statements do not equal. They must figure out where the problem lies and how to fix it. They have to go through every number to make sure that they are correct, and if not they must find the solution to make the balance sheet equal. They use addition and subtraction to make sure assets equal liabilities and equity. Accountants also use formulas to find out the solutions to different equations. Mathematics is used by Accountants everyday to find the solutions to different problems. In order to be an accountant a person must go to college for four years and get a bachelors degree. Higher education is always recommended for you if you want to be an accountant, so attending college to receive a Masters Degree is really recommended to become more successful in this field.

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