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The study hotels during the current recession and its implication to the long term human resource strategy and the business strategy as a whole.

Talent management is an espoused and enacted commitment to implementing an integrated, strategic and technology enabled approach to human resource management (HRM). This commitment stems in part from the widely shared belief that human resources are the organization’s primary source of competitive advantage; an essential asset that is becoming in increasingly short supply. The benefits of an effectively implemented talent management strategy include improved employee recruitment and retention rates, and enhanced employee engagement. These outcomes in turn have been associated with improved operational and financial performance. The external and internal drivers and restraints for talent management are many. Of particular importance is senior management understanding and commitment.(huges and rogs)

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As cipd (waron tealent) puts it

Rather than a ‘war for talent’ there currently seems to be a ‘war on talent’. We wanted to find out how important organisations consider talent to be when times get tough. Our reason for surveying organisations about the impact of the downturn on talent management practices was not to further contribute to the negative press but rather to focus on some of the positive measures that can be taken to make the best of the situation, grasp any opportunities that present themselves and ensure through their continued focus on talent that organisations are able to bounce back faster and harder than competitors. We are therefore highlighting some of the practical steps that CEOs, HR professionals and all people managers can implement to fight against the likely ‘war on talent’, help lift us out of this current decline and ultimately contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of our organisations.

The major premise of this research work has been the assessment of the impact of mergers and acquisitions on employees’ morale, with particular emphasis on ASDA stores limited.

The main aim of the work being to assess the impact of mergers and acquisitions on the morale of employees in an acquired firm. In doing so efforts were made to highlight and discuss certain variables thus: Historical trend of mergers and acquisitions, overview of the retail sector in the U.K, brief overview of the organisation, definition of mergers and acquisitions, distinction between mergers and acquisitions, reasons why mergers and acquisitions take place, common causes of failure of mergers and acquisitions, employee morale, effects of mergers, and acquisitions on employee morale, employee morale, and employee productivity.

The questionnaire method of gathering data was employed, this was chosen because it was deemed suitable for this kind of work.

A hypothesis was formulated to guide data collection and analysis, and discussions were tested with certain items raised on the questionnaire administered.

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