Mass Shootings in US

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We are living in difficult times. The world today is characterized by so many crises that it has become a norm to experience crisis after crisis. Sadly, the United States has become the center of the crisis in the world, with so many crises since the beginning of the 21st century.

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Mass shootings in the United States have become the order of the day. These stories even no longer make headlines in the media; they are reported as other news. This is a very sad situation. This essay attempts to address the crisis of mass shootings in the United States and how the problem can be solved or prevented. The essay utilizes information from credible sources and citation has been done accordingly as per the instructed format of citation. To stop the mass shootings crisis, very keen measures should b taken, and that includes regulating gun laws.

A crisis also referred to as a catastrophe can be defined as s period of intense danger or difficulty. There are many categories of crisis. Mass shootings, back in the United States at first were not considered to be a crisis. This was because they were perceived to be rare occurrences. For an occurrence to be referred to s a crisis, it must be rampant and occur for a considerable period of time. For example, gay marriages cannot be referred to as a crisis. This is because, for one, there is no potential danger that is associated with gay marriage. Secondly, gay marriages do not need to be stopped and thirdly, they are not so rampant. They are few scattered cases. As the definition dictates, a crisis is periodic, and there is much danger associated with it. Therefore, mass shootings are in every way a crisis. The shootings have been occurring for the year 2010. Of course, there were such cases in the past, but they could not have been defined as a crisis because they were rare.

On the morning of 14th December 2012, Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old introvert, woke up, took a gun from his parent’s drawer, used it to kill his own mother and drove to sandy hook elementary school located in Newtown, Connecticut. The young man shot his way into the locked building, shooting or maiming everybody that blocked his way or appeared in the vicinity. In fifteen minutes or less, the introvert buy had massacred 20 boys and girls in the first grade and six staff members; including teachers. After he realized that he only had one bullet left, he shot himself in the head and died on the spot. The death toll on that single day in the school compound was 27. His father later released a statement saying that he was in a state of disbelief and together with the family,

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