Mary Shelley Was A Novelist

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Mary Shelley was a novelist who wrote novels that are now looked at as literary concepts. Mary used life experiences to create novels that would be explained in many ways in time. Many saw these novel as enjoyable horrors while others viewed them as disgusting and freak show, only few actually understood the real meanings to the novels.

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She wrote these novels to express herself and explain her life. Her mother was a writer as well but at the time they were not viewed the same. Many of her novels were later used on premises of rights for women and equal rights for others. Her novel Matilda looked at in the late 1950’s as a novel on equality, she had no intentions on it being looked at like that. Mary Shelley’s novels reflected on and drew forth the aspects of science and equality in society.To think that Mary had created her novels to convey that science and technology is something to be feared is outrageous.

Mary had a rough childhood and even harder teen years. Mary Wollstonecraft (her mother) died during childbirth. Her father after her mother’s death married Mary Jane Clairmont who is Shelley’s evil step mother forced her to leave the house at age fourteen. Shelley just like her mother became a novelist, her ideas and writings were all about her own life experiences. She was not trying to interoperate the novels as something that would happen in the future but more as putting science behind her stories to make them a different type of writing. Even though people did interoperate these novels with a sense of realty, it added to the time period where there was many scientific and technological advancements happening.

Mary read lots of books and articles which were mostly were on evolution, chemistry, and article exploration. In Frankenstein, Patricia Fara quoted a well known arctic explored named Robert Walton. The way he writes is the same ways in which Shelley writes. They are both writing about real life situations and how hard they were on their lives. Shelley tried to express herself in the ways of this quote by Robert Walton the wondrous power which attracts the needle… you cannot contest the inestimable benefit which I shall confer on all mankind to the last generation… by ascertaining the secret of the magnet. This quote was one way in which she tried to convey her opinions and her own experiences during her time period. The quote as well showed how she dealt with narrow minded people always looking down on her for thinking outside of the box.

She got this idea from when her father William Godwin was so caught up in caring about him financial situation that he didn’t even notice nor ask about Mary through her dark times in life.

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