Marriage In Everyday Use Story

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A short story about a mother and daughter who went through rough time and a father and son who has a strange relationship. You will see how these two stories have in common and how they are different.

Marriage today is different (Pg. 3, paragraph 1) said Nnaemeka while talking to his father about how found the women of his life and want to marry her. As his father is not please due to the fact his son choose some one out of there village Ugoyer’s or someone he did not arrange for him Look here, my son nothing is different what one looks for in a wife are a good character and a Christian background. (page 3, paragraph 2). By making a point you the father wants what is best for his son, but his son wants best for him and not to be told what to do or who he can marry to. She is a good Christian, and a teacher in a girls school in Lagos (page 3, paragraph 6) said Nnaemeka but the father wasnt please to such thing he heard his son say because to him a wife shouldnt be a teacher nor do anything but be a stay home wife and do what wife do at home his replay to his son was If you consider that a qualification for a good wife I should like to point out to you, that no Christian woman should teach. St. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says that women should keep silence (page 3, paragraph 7).

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Nnaemeka tried to talk to his father on being able to be a man of his own but nothing worked for him in the mind of an old man lays his bitterness and stubborn tradition ways. But he went on to marrying his beautiful wife Nene who has been behind her husband no matter what Nnaemeka father said bash his son and letting him know he no longer is welcome back home to visit and that he disowned him.

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