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The Marketing Strategy of Apple

Introduction The on-going technological advancements in the electronic devices industry make it very competitive (DeGusta, 2012). Companies, therefore, need to be very strategic in their marketing activities. Being among the market leaders in such an industry, Apple lays the emphasis of its strategy on innovation (Lyons, 2010). While it has the advantages of its strong […]

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The Marketing Communication Process

Summary of Marketing Communications Process The marketing communication process represents varied disciplines and tools that are composed of five elements (Finne and Gronroos, 2009). These represent advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations. The above were examined and explored in this discussion where each was found to have individual and specialised use […]

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British Brand Durex

Durex is an established British brand manufacturing by SSL International. The name Durex refers to the short terms of “Durability, Reliability and Excellence. ” (Durex, 2010) Durex aims to be highly innovation and socially responsible which have made Durex the world’s No 1 condom manufacturer. The company is the leader of the market in more […]

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Human Behavior in Organization

Human behavior in an organization determines the quality of work, progress and success of the organization. No machine and no computer can work by itself. No product is developed and manufactured by itself. It’s the workforce or rather the human resources of an organization who develop ideas, create new products and services and then deliver […]

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The Marketing Strategies of Apple

The Marketing Strategies of Apple, Inc. Market segmentation strategy involves dividing the market into groups, where individuals have similar needs and wants for services and products. It could also be a segmentation of people on the basis of behavior, culture and economic status. To get a clearer picture of what is market segmentation, one can […]

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The Contrast of B2B with B2C Marketing

This assignment explores how business-to-business (B2B) marketing differs from business-to-consumer marketing. It will define marketing for the purposes of this assignment and then explore how it is approached generally. From there, this assignment will consider how B2B marketing is differentiated from consumer marketing, and finally it will investigate the similarities between the two marketing approaches. […]

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Customer Association and the Success of the Branding Strategy of Starbucks’ Coffee

‘The Way I See It’: Customer Association and the Success of the Branding Strategy of Starbucks’ Coffee Introduction Maintaining an effective brand image is a challenging task, where a company needs to maintain the sense of momentum without losing a sense of continuity (Cagan and Vogel, 2001). The power of the Starbucks brand is exceptionally […]

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Successful Marketing Campaign Using Social Media

The use of social media has increased exponentially, creating a fertile ground for platforms as a medium for advertising (Treadaway and Smith, 2012). However, advertising on social media can be very different from traditional advertising, due to the nature of the medium and the way on which marketing messages may be received (Chaffey and Smith, […]

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Healthy Minds: Student Diet and Health Concerns

Healthy Minds: Student Diet and Health Concerns Introduction The obesity epidemic observed in the UK and other Western nations over the past two decades has increased the focus on eating habits of the nation (James, 2008, p. S120). Obesity, most often caused by prolonged poor diet, is associated with an increased risk of several serious […]

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E-Marketing Strategy Pennine Hotel

E-Marketing Strategy Pennine Hotel 1.0 Introduction Internet marketing is the practice of marketing goods and services electronically over the internet (Chaffey, 2003:45-46).  As the capabilities of both technology and the internet have expanded it has become easier to market directly and indirectly to a wide market demographic in a cost effective and efficient manner.  According […]

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Strategic Marketing Planning

Critically analyze the role of strategic marketing planning in relation to an organizations’ decision to enter new markets in a global marketing environment. Justify your choice of strategies with examples to support where possible. Introduction A critical issue in international market entry strategy is the selection of an appropriate entry mode. Although some important studies […]

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The Social Media Strategy of the John Lewis

Introduction The John Lewis Partnership is a well known British retailer that functions in the department store, supermarket sectors, insurance credit cards, limited manufacturing activities and other business lines that serves the up market consumer segment in the UK that is comprised of middle and upper class customers (Logicalis, 2014). This study will explore the […]

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Ski Marketing Plan

Ski Rossendale is a charitable trust, owned by Rossendale Borough Council. The trust also includes Bacup Leisure Hall, Haslington Sports Centre, Haslington Swimming Pool and Marl Pits Swimming Pool. In order to raise its awareness in Rossendale and the surrounding areas, Ski Rossendale needs to create an effective marketing plan. This project will look at […]

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Retail Marketing & Management Questions

Retail Marketing & Management Questions Select a retail sector with which you are familiar. What is the likely impact on the sector of a downturn in the growth of consumer spending- What strategies should a (named) retailer in the sector adopt to minimise the threat? Following the financial and economic crisis in 2007, the reduction […]

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The Seven External Factors of the Market Place

The Seven External Factors of the Market Place Today I will explain one by one each of the seven external factors. To start: The Political-Legal Environment: It is a political and corporate relationship. Companies aim to franchise with and support political candidates through their activities to help promote their business. Socio-cultural Environment: A business’ development […]

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Social Media Strategy of Sainsbury’s

This essay contains a brief introduction which will contextualise and define and the term “social media marketing strategy”. It will then analyse the UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s social media marketing strategy with particular attention paid to their strengths and weaknesses. The conclusion will provide a concise set of recommendations for improvement which will be underpinned […]

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Marketing Strategy Essay Online For Free

This essay will discuss the current social media strategy of EE (Everything Everywhere) and provide recommendations for how their strategy can be improved. EE is a British mobile network provider that was established in 2010 as part of a joint venture between T-Mobile and Orange (EE, 2015a). The company was the first digital communications provider […]

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Social Media Essay Online For Free

Introduction This essay seeks to critically discuss the statement that “given the rise of social media marketing, companies should focus all of their marketing efforts on social media platforms”. The rapidly shifting topography of the social media landscape seems to create the impression that its associated platforms are a new concept, but they actually have […]

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Strategy of Sainsburys Essay Online For Free

Introduction The aim of this report is to provide an in-depth marketing analysis linked with the UK supermarket segment. The core idea here would be to develop an integrated research by highlighting one of the supermarkets and then developing core recommendations to improve the business presence in the market. It is important to highlight that […]

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Loyalty cards Example For Free

and why do some work and others do not (appear to)? Why are you undertaking the research? In an increasingly global environment, organisations, its people, strategy and marketing, and its structure are finding themselves constantly seeking innovative ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The complex business interactions synonymous with modern society has witnessed the […]

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Lidl Grocery Store Example For Free

The UK grocery market is a highly competitive and saturated market with thousands of competitors. Demand is distinct for being price elastic such is the nature of the market. This makes it notoriously difficult to make any advances on market share (Burt and Sparks, 2003). Since entering this market in 1994, Lidl have become deeply […]

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Implications in Supermarkets Example For Free

Introduction In hypercompetitive industries (D’Aveni 2010) such as characterised by the present UK supermarket retail sector where competitive rules are changing fast with disruptive business models from new entrants like Aldi and Lidl (Savage 2014) continuing to pressure the market share of hitherto brand leaders like Tesco and Asda; brand differentiation can be an effective […]

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Lidl’s Marketing Strategy Example For Free

Introduction Lidl’s history begins in the 1930s, when their first store was created in Germany acting as a grocery wholesaler. Since then, Lidl has now become one of the largest grocery retailers in Europe, with over 600 stores operating in the UK, and thousands based across Europe (Butler, 2014). Although the amount of stores that […]

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H&M Essay Example Pdf

Does the Company Educate its Consumers or Does it Serve a Unique Market Segment? ABSTRACT In the current retailing market, Hennes and Mauritz AB (H&M) remains a unique phenomenon in part due to the observable difference in the behavior of the company’s customers. This study evaluates two theories attempting to explain the deviation in H&M […]

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Philosophy of Aldi Essay Example For Free At Magic Help

Aldi have made great strides in entering the UK grocery market. Please analyse Aldi’s current marketing strategy and provide recommendations for how Aldi can enhance their marketing strategy to gain a greater share of the UK Grocery Market. Introduction Marketing in simple terms can be described as offering a right product at a right place […]

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Issues Faced by Air Asia in its Advertising

TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Page 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Key Issues and Problems 2.1 Misleading Advertisements 2.2 Offensive Advertisements 3.0 Reasoning and Analysis 4.0 Conclusion 5.0 References 6.0 Appendices 1.0INTRODUCTION 2.0KEY ISSUES AND PROBLEMS Some of the major issues and problems faced by AirAsia in its advertisements are discussed below. 2.1Misleading Advertisements Misleading advertisement is unethical […]

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Abusive marketing strategies

Brief : 193232 Delivery Date : 26/02/2007 Title: Alpha, a large German firm, is the leading provider in the EU of VCMP tuning box.. VCMP tuning box is essential for the operation of video and satellite phones. Alpha has a market share in the EU of 58%. It has few competitors. The largest among them […]

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The Profitablity Marketing And Economic Impact Of Port Investment Finance Essay

As far as investing in port assets is concerned, there are two ways, almost in contrast with one another, of regarding the port: The port may be considered a public service that is generally useful to the economy, justifying the tax system being utilized for the purpose of funding the investments required. The port may […]

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Ted Baker Plc Is A London Listed Retail Finance Essay

Ted Baker Plc is a London listed retail company. The company is headquartered in London and has operations in other European counties as well as US, Asia, Middle East and China. The company had gross revenue of £215.625million, a 15% jump from the year before. However, the profits for the year remained significantly unchanged at […]

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My Decision Making Model

My Decision Making Model Experience MMPBL/500 July 12, 2010 Mr. Chuck Millhollan Abstract Throughout every day of our lives we are forced to make decisions although at times it is not the easiest task. As a result, decision making models are utilized to ease the burden of making the wrong decisions which have lasting effects. […]

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