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Zierikzee positioneren als toeristisch

Voorwoord Voor u ligt mijn scriptie over de wijze waarop Zierikzee zich zou kunnen positioneren als toeristisch recreatieve stad. Het onderzoek dat is beschreven in deze scriptie is gehouden voor de gemeente Schouwen-Duiveland. Tijdens mijn zoektocht naar een afstudeeropdracht voor mijn opleiding Hoger Toeristisch en Recreatief Onderwijs (HTRO) kwam ik direct terecht bij de gemeente […]

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Marketing et communication touristique

Partie 1: Du marketing au marketing de destination Introduction Le marketing est si basique qu’il ne peut pas être considérée comme une fonction distincte. C’est un business vu de son résultat final, c’est à dire du point de vue du client. Le succès d’une entreprise n’est pas déterminé par le producteur mais par le client. […]

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International Matrix Agency

1.0 Introduction International Matrix Agency (IMA) will recommend Café Chocolat to enter the Shanghai market on a short term basis. For the long term perspective, IMA hopes that Café Chocolat can be extended to the Asia pacific region. IMA will recommend the city of Shanghai to the candidate for Café Chocolat to introduce its dynamic […]

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Leading Footwear Giants

COMPARITIVE STUDY OF Brand of Leading Footwear Giants With special reference to Adidas and Nike ABSTRACT BRANDING The 1980s marked a turning point in the competition of brands. Management came to ralise that the principlal asset of a company was in fact its brand names. The brand is not the product but it gives the […]

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Wilderness Tourism Marketing | Leisure Management Dissertations

Promoting Wilderness Tourism Literature Review Introduction Behavioural research on the study on wilderness destination is a relatively new development in the ecotourism industry. Promoting place marketing has become increasingly important within the tourist industry (Kang-Li 2008). There has been limited work done on promoting wilderness as a place of tourism. This research project aims to […]

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Analysis of e-grocery systems

Introduction:- The literature reviews the operational and strategic analysis of E-grocery systems. There are many business models in E-grocery business. To make E-business model a sustainable one they are using different strategies in different targeted markets. Each individual model varies from one other in various dimensions such as placing of order, assembling and delivering the […]

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Yogurt Yoplait Business

  What is yogurt? Yogurt is a dairy product formed by the fermentation of milk from the action of two live bacteria; lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus. These are micro-organisms which transform the milk into the yogurt through a process by which they convert the lactose present in the milk into lactic acid, making the […]

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Idea generation

IDEA GENERATION MISSION:- To provide the best and cost-effective care, accessible to every patient, through integrated clinical practice, education and research, delivered with compassion, care and concern through team spirit and transparency. VISION:- To evolve as a unique university-based health centre where the quest for new knowledge would continuously yield more effective and more compassionate […]

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Anhang Sperrvermerk Die nachfolgende Arbeit enthält vertrauliche Daten und Informationen der Mars GmbH. Veröffentlichungen oder Vervielfältigungen -auch nur auszugsweise- sind ohne ausdrückliche schriftliche Genehmigung des Unternehmens nicht gestattet. Die Arbeit ist nur den Korrektoren sowie den Mitgliedern des Prüfungsausschusses zugänglich zu machen. 1 Einleitung 1.1 Problemstellung Die Bedeutung des Marketings im Unternehmen wurde lange Zeit […]

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Technical research

Executive Summary Technical research is a method of evaluating securities, commodities and stock by analyzing the chart generated by market activity. Chart is a graphical representation of price movement. There are four main type of chart used by the trader: line char, bar chart, candle stick chart and point and figure chart. Technicians believe that […]

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Study On The Retail Industry In India

Many changes have occurred in the marketing environment in recent years. Undoubtedly, the marketing environment will continue to evolve and change, often in very significant ways, in the coming years. Shifts in consumer behavior, competitive strategies, government regulations or other aspects of the marketing environment can profoundly affect the fortunes of a retail sector. Besides […]

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Study Of Attitudinal Differences Of Malaysian Customers

This research emphasizes attitudinal difference of Malaysian customers about Islamic banking services. The banking service providers can gain excellent benefit from Islamic banking practices upon identification of these differences. A structured questionnaire was constructed to collect the necessary data to answer the research questions as being framed on related affective factors of attitudinal differences of […]

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Improving The Supply Chain Performance Of Blood Services

Blood Banking services is one of the most important operations worldwide. The blood banking service provides the resources for transfusion needed in every medical intervention, whether in peacetime or during war. This paper observes the process of blood banking supply chain, starting with the upstream suppliers of raw material (blood) and down to the downstream […]

Pages: 9 Words: 2625 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26
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Dividend Payout Within Consumer Products Industry In Malaysia

2.0 PROBLEM STATEMENT There is a large volume of work in the area of dividend payout policy across many developed countries (Gugler, 2003; Kallapur, 2004; Ferris et al., 2006; Denis and Osobov, 2008; Eije and Megginson, 2008; Engsted and Pedersen, 2010). However, less work has been done in developing countries and researchers have started to […]

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