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The huge consumer market potential and booming economy in China attract enormous foreign direct investments to capitalize this unprecedented opportunity. Foreign venture capital is not exceptional from this trend. They, however, still have to face constant challenges from regulations, market practices and business cultures in China. To be successful in this marketplace totally different from their origin, foreign venture capitals need to adapt their previous strategies and experiences and test it through trial and error.

This report is to get overall picture about current venture capital market in China. Then it will focus on the market position of foreign venture capitals. The report is followed by the analyses and summary on investment and exit strategies used by foreign venture capitals. Finally, the report will discuss the potential trend in China venture capital market.

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Key Objectives

1). To get in-depth analysis on current venture capital market in China and foreign venture capital’s market position in China.

2). To analyze and summarize the investment strategies and exit strategies used by foreign venture capital in China.

3). To make prediction on future market trend, especially foreign venture capital.

Key Chapters

1. General introduction on venture capital

2. Historical development and current venture capital market in China

3. Detail market position analysis on foreign venture capital in China

4. Investment strategies of foreign venture capital in China

5. Exit strategies of foreign venture capital in China

6. Future trends in China venture capital market

Introduction on Venture Capital

Venture capital is source of funds to small firms that cannot establish credit relationships with bank or other financial institutions. As Gompers (2001) states: Companies that lack substantial tangible assets and have uncertain prospects are unlikely to receive significant bank loans. These firms face many years of negative earnings and are unable to make interest payments on debt obligations.

Start-up high tech firms are exactly the type of firms that banks are least likely to lend to because of poor information availability and lack of tangible assets or assets that can be readily evaluated. Firms developing software or new technology for the communications or biotech industries are largely investing in human capital. In a nutshell, the VC firm is a relative small financial services professional organization that functions primarily to: (a) assess business opportunities; (b) provide capital; and (c) monitor, advise and assist the firms in its portfolio.

By investing, the venture capitalists accept substantial tranche of illiquid equity that converts their status to something like partners to the entrepreneur. The goal of the venture capitalist is not only to increase the value of that equity but also to eventually monetize the investment through a liquidity event such as an initial public offering or sale to other investors.

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