Margaret Sanger – The Legalization of Birth Contro

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The Comstock Act of 1873 constructed a tragedy between women and their rights to birth control legalization. This act was a set of laws that restricted the use of any contraceptives such as medication for prevention of pregnancies after interactive sexual intercourses, which led to many women harming themselves in an attempt to terminate their pregnancies. With these laws in place, women still wanted access to these contraceptives.

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However, many were unreliable. Required to care for their children, women were unable to learn or get jobs on their own. Margaret Sanger saw this as a threat to women in society. She acted upon the Comstock Act which led to the establishment of the first birth control clinic in Brooklyn, New York. Forced to flee to Europe after being given a fine, she continued her studies there. With much hard work and perspiration, Margaret Sanger and other men and women activists triumphed over the reinterpretation of the Comstock Act and the legalization of birth control. The Comstock Act was passed by Congress in 1873 which made it illegal to sell or distribute contraceptives in the United States, to mention it through writing, through the mail and the United States Postal Service, or ship them from overseas. The main goal of this was to avoid any promotion of contraception and abortion and to diminish the influence of using materials of the general population in hopes of ending pregnancies. In addition to that, preventing the practice of pre-marital sex was another intention of passing this law. This may have been one of many disadvantages for women (Connecticut and the Comstock Law).

Even though many have thought about birth control and it has been an idea since ancient times, it was not always a major concern for people. Many people wished to have a large amount children due to the high death rate of children, which was normal at the time. However, some thought about the future and believed that someday, there would not be enough food to feed them all. As years came by, people started to think more about birth control due to the decreasing rate of child deaths. Throughout this time, the medical care, nutrition, sanitation, and work conditions have successfully improved. These efforts of the people did not satisfy everyone, including some forms of religion and other individuals. In response to this, the U.S. Congress passed the Comstock Law in 1873, which prohibited public access to birth control materials and information for over sixty years. Many states followed up on this and passed their own set of laws regarding birth control restrictions (Birth Control). Women were limited to the amount of participation they gave in society due to unplanned pregnancies. Even where mothers are American-born women, staying at home to look after their children,

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