Many Point of Views on The Value of Life

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The value of life cannot be put into perspective because there are many point of views to make your life great. Everyone has areas of beliefs and morals in their lives, manifesting a concrete answer is a very difficult task. There is no set value on life, living life the best way each individual thinks is right maybe the correct way. There are a lot of variables to why life is special.

Throughout time our economic status portrays who we are to people we met way before we even talk to them. What are income is or what we do creates a false image in peopler’s heads that with money comes happiness. In what is a life worth? Amanda Ripley states that, The concepts of assigning a price on life has always made people squeamish. This portrays that putting a price on a loved one who has passed away has put people on edge due to the fact that they are scared of what the public might think. Liver’s value comes from the happiness we have rather than the pennies that we have in our pockets.Each individual has their own perspective on however they need their life to be.

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To further my point your work is a huge chunk of your life so you must do what you love in order to be happy. As Steve Jobs mentioned in his inaugural speech Dont let the noise of others opinions make noise your inner voice(89).The means of this quote is simply, do what you like and don’t let anyone else tell you what to try and do.

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