Manufactures various varieties of Indian

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BAGGA DISTILLERIES Pvt Ltd is a 20 year old company located at Hyderabad, India that was set up in the year 1989 and manufactures various varieties of Indian liquor comprising different tastes. Looking at the market conditions the company was established and competition has been developed for the local industry to compete with various other brands in the wine & spirits trade. Adopting the latest skills of production and marketing, this company established meeting the needs of the market and to stand the competition started other sub activities such as refinement and bottling on behalf of other major established brands of the Indian market thereby following the same quality and procedures with their consent in order to meet the growing demand and cater the huge local customer base.

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Maintaining high quality and attractive packaging has become a very popular trend in the Indian liquor industry within a short span of period. Further the company prospers to establish its firm worldwide & build in more technology within the organisation and maintain the highest standards of quality, control and assurance adhering to self enunciated standard operating procedures.

The following research project concerns the Critical Success Factors (CSF) in a project while it is off shored thus suggesting Bagga Distilleries (BD) the importance and need of its critical success factors. There has been a tremendous increasing interest pertaining to critical success factors in the field of project management. Project management offers a systematic and well defined structured approach to managing projects. The prime purpose of this study is to provide an in depth understanding of various critical success factors that play a pivotal role in the success of project as Bagga Distilleries (BD) have a mindset of off-shoring their business. Late since 1960’s researchers in the field of project management have been trying to discover as to which factors lead to a dynamic project success. “Tackling the human and organisational aspects of a project is through the use of critical success factors”. Pinto & Slevin (1988). Critical Success Factors (CSF) are those factors which if are not done right can result in failure of the project. In terms of BD trying to establish successful off shoring in an organized manner, it would never want to fail from a business prospective point of view. Avot (1969) “identified the reasons for project failure and concluded that wrong choice of project manager, the unplanned project termination and unsupportive top management were the main reasons for failure”. Since then there have been many authors who have listed the factors at times even relating them to specific problems and their associated types of activity thereby referring them to critical success factors. A good implementation process will help develop a definite set of critical success factors which if addressed,

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