Mankind Is No Island

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Thus fundamentally, this short film takes on a different approach compared to the other two texts, as it exemplifies the notion of how one’s sense of belonging can essentially be hindered upon by barriers in life and a lack of acknowledgement by the wider community. Factors such as poverty, hunger and homelessness can ultimately become catalysts that results in one being excluded and seen by others as incoherent ‘outcasts’. As a result of a lack of connection to a home or with people, homeless individuals in society ultimately have limited or no sense of belonging. This idea is effectively expressed in the short film when the director captures the scene of a homeless man kneeling on a footpath, whilst many by passers stream past him, quite oblivious to his existence. The man’s submissive pose with his head bowed suggests that he feels inferior compared to others in society and his reluctance to make eye contact with anyone highlights this limited sense of connection and belonging. Interestingly, the shot subsequent this scene is of a heart-shaped balloon falling down onto the floor; symbolically implying that those that are homeless lack the warmth of love and care thus their sense of identification with those around them is gradually diminishing. Furthermore, the quick montage of signs quoting ‘no fortune to indulge, no sunflower, no rainbow, no successful life’ essentially illustrate the repercussions of being homeless and is indicative that such individuals experience a limited sense of belonging, to the extent where they are deprived of a ‘successful life’ and any ‘fortune to indulge’. The repetition of the ‘no’ reinforces this notion of how one can be severely hindered in an attempt to ‘fit in’ and belong to society. The lack of dialogue alongside the somber music playing in the background is an effective technique utilized by the creator as the tragic nature of the situation is highlighted,

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