Managing Project Communication In Integrated Project Delivery Process

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1.3 Aims and Objectives

The overall aim of the project is to managing project communication in IPD process by selection of team which include owner, architecture, builder and management of project through tools and techniques.

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To analyse how project manager with different cultural back ground and have managed communication on integrated project delivery process in off-site construction projects.

The objectives of the project are

To develop an overview of integrated project delivery using effective communication.

To enhance project inter-relationships by effective selection of team members

To review the contractual agreements in IPD process to improve the standard communication between single to multi-party contracts.

To identify key factors that improve project communication in integrated project delivery process.


The increasing global nature of manufactured construction projects has highlighted the importance of communication and the new challenges it brings to project execution. This paper explores the ability of project managers in UK and India in communicating effectively on integrated project delivery process (IPD) in off-site construction projects. This study examines the factors that influence communication and explores how communication can be made effective in integrated project delivery environments. Using data from 5 interviews in and UK and India, analysing the results shows that communications within off-site construction project environments can be effective when project managers demonstrate an awareness of traditional variation. Participants further highlighted that, one of the critical components of integrated project delivery process is the creation and development of effective collectivism, trust, communication and empathy in leadership. The study underscores an urgent need for future research to investigate effective guidelines or strategies for effective communication in IPD project teams.


This study presents a balance between the experiences of project managers from a UK and India. The study aimed to explore how project managers with different cultural background have managed communications In Integrated project delivery process in off-site construction projects. Specifically, the study was designed to explore the efficiency of communications strategies in off-site construction engineering projects.

The scope of the research must be carefully designed and controlled so that meaningful and manageable data can be collected, thus research tends to be focused on one particular event or one aspect of communication. This research provides advice on how communication can be improved in integrated project delivery process in off-site construction. Improvements in communication should result in an increase in the quality of the build and a reduction in the level of defect occurrence.

The successful completion of the project depends on the accuracy and timing of communication exchange between the project team. The inefficiency of the current communication practice has become a barrier to the innovation in off-site construction processes.

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