Managing Emotions in the Field of Nursing

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Managing emotions in the field of nursing is an important attribute to possess. Nursing comes with the emotional stress that comes with dealing the feelings of patients who are seeking health care. The trauma is associated with the turmoil and anguish of pain or the emotional instability in patients who are trying to cope with the extent of their sufferings. For instance, a nurse dealing with burns has to be there for the patient physically and emotionally which can be a daunting task.

Emotional intelligence is therefore essential in nursing due to the impact it has on the patients and the nurse. A nurse should be able to control overwhelming and stressing emotions around patients. For example, a nurse cannot start crying while treating a child with severe burns. Doing that will only make the patient and his or her parents to panic in such a state. Besides, managing emotions may prevent anger or stress outbursts that may lead to unethical confrontation or poor service to the patient.

The medical fraternity can change the emotions of patients in various ways. For instance, smiling at a patient would make them become less tense and may start cheering up as well. Moreover, interacting with the client in a friendly manner may make them more receptive to accepting interactions and small talk. For example, Damiani’s Mexico theme event for the patient. Through her warm communication, she was able to convince the patient to stay from traveling to Mexico which could have been worse for her health due to advanced cancer.

She was also able to her people to come and see her which enlightened the mood. Lastly, radiating positivity and listening to the patient’s needs can make them become less aggressive and start accepting the course of their treatment.

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