Operational Strategy Is a consistent pattern of decisions for operations and the associated supply chain that are linked to the business strategy and other functional strategies leading to a competitive advantage for the firm (Roger ,2013).Operation strategies and decisions are meant to... [ view article ]

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Options Proposed for the Waste Management Program at the Navistar Plant Introduction Navistar International Corporation carried out a thorough review about the outcomes of the plant-wide waste audit during August 1994. The company’s then co-coordinator’s proposed that necessary steps should be taken to completely address the issue. The coordinator believed that... [ view article ]


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Competition between Traditional Luxury Brands and Recent Development Luxury ABSTRACT This article examines an analysis of fashion and accessible luxury in the industry which gives out clusters of different companies which could be identified based on the base of the set contingent variables which are derived from there supply... [ view article ]


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Absorption and Variable Costing Introduction Definition of Absorption and variable costing In the field of accounting, variable costing which is also referred to as direct costing and absorption which entails full costing are two different terms as long as production in the IBM manufacturing... [ view article ]


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Impact Of Technology On Supply Chain I would make my dreams come true as a result changing the supply chain management system to a better one and enhance the renovation of the business world at large. The management of the flow of goods and services from... [ view article ]

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Virgin Money Life Start Project Over the years, universities have always been facing serious challenges with respect to financial issues. At times, students have ended up giving up their dreams due to disruptions caused by lack of adequate finance. In addition, the respective students after... [ view article ]

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Jimmy John’s Company 1. Based on your understanding of this case, what possible reasons could Jimmy John’s management have for adopting this policy? If you were the HR manager at Jimmy John’s what pros and cons would you point out to management in... [ view article ]

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Management: The new scorecard system In business, most of the companies face stiff competition of the others. Lack of strategies to deal with the competition may lead to failure of business due to poor management. Having such business solutions, scorecard system may facilitate positive performance... [ view article ]

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Managing Innovation at British Heart Foundation Introduction Innovation in associations is a component that improves the organization’s capacity to accomplish their objectives in strategic direction. The innovation idea in a corporation is upgraded by the organization’s development nature toward components like customer needs and management and... [ view article ]


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