Malnutrition in College Campuses

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Malnutrition is a huge concern among universities across the United States, more specifically for students, staff, faculty, and other lawmakers that surround California State University: San Jose. The World Health Organization defines malnutrition as “deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients.” This may be found as a result of eating too little, eating too much, and eating unhealthy foods. Solving this problem in an ethical manner would constitute virtue ethics in which individuals do the right thing, in this case help for the greater good and help properly nourish those fighting malnutrition, while building their character at the same time.

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People decide what kind of moral compass shape up their beliefs and unite as one in the shape of clubs and organizations to fight for one cause. The Greek Philosopher Aristotle rejected absolutism in regard to ethics and believed that Greek virtue are the skills and opportunities you managed well. To be virtuous is to act with excellence and to discover something’s purpose, and investigate what that thing does best.

Therefore, if something performs its function or purpose effectively it is virtuous. When it comes to accomplishing a certain task or a certain goal we must constantly practice the virtue and make it a habit according to Aristotle. Deciding to start living a healthier lifestyle and be a great way of practicing virtue ethics. This would not only benefits ourselves but the people the surround us as well. There’s two forms of virtue, which are moral and intellectual virtues. The moral virtues are when our soul is trying to control desires. Intellectual virtue is when our soul concentrates on intellectual and spiritual matters. With this they are able to learn well, think straight and act accordingly. Moral virtue is determined by the intellectual virtue of wisdom. Then there’s the Golden mean which is discovered through various reasons such as, the concept of moderation, by utilizing the golden mean we can become a good person, and that a moral person knows how to balance what is too much and too little. The actions that are wrong we should avoid but should strive for the ones that are right according to this ethical theory. As a college student it’s definitely hard to have a healthy lifestyle but every action or feeling can be done in the right amount.

This ethical theory is criticized of being an ethical relativist because virtue is relative to situation and culture.

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