Malcolm X’s Idea

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You might look at Malcolm and think that he’s a leader and that he tries to spread religion. He became a political and religious speaker, telling people that Islam was the perfect religion for black people. He spread the words of Elijah Muhammad, the messenger of Allah, and tried to tell people what they should do and how they should become better by converting themselves into something they may not want to be but, under the persuasive words of Malcolm X, will become.

It’s troubling that he tries to convert people to a different religion because he wants them to change. He may show or try to reason as to why the change is needed and that it will make a person better, but it in no way has exact proof behind it other than buttered up words and the preachings of something that has not shown itself in physicality, but can apparently be felt through the soul. This is worrisome and confusing because Malcolm has no reason to tell people to live their lives in a certain way. His past speaks differently than his present, which may show that he has changed, but it also shows that he has not been a good man. Why trust someone that has chosen to walk down such a path, to lead yours? If he has went into prison because he has stolen, done and sold drugs, why should he be allowed to tell you what to do, who to look up to, and how you should be looking at others? Why does a man that has spiraled down, have the power to tell so many people what to do with themselves from what he does and doesn’t want?

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So what, if he tells others how to live their life? He walked down the wrong path, and choses to tell people his beliefs and share them and force them into these followings by using pretty words and interesting concepts and racism to gain people on his side instead of preaching as a preacher, and, instead, preaching as a politician. He has learned from his past mistakes and has grown as a person, but in no way should have the power and command of the people he has changed. He isn’t even the messenger. He’s a stoop that Elijah the paperboy drops with the words of Allah scribbled into the newspaper. He, as a wrong and misjudged man, should not have the right of judging others purely because he was, and still is, judged. His power should be spreading the Muslim faith,

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