Malcolm X: The Ballod or the Bullet

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In the speech ballot or bullet, Malcolm x was addressing racial, economic, and social justice issues that were affecting the black community in 1964. Malcolm x identified other Christian ministers that were in the political struggle for economic and social justice. Despite being a Muslim who acknowledged Mohamed as his savior, Malcolm X believed religion was his personal business between himself and the God he believed, just as it was with other social justice advocates who were Christians including the likes of Dr.

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Martin Luther. He believed that religion should not bring divisiveness among the black community if they were to succeed in their struggle for justice. Mr. Malcolm X insists that if the black community could ignore their religious difference and maintain it only between themselves and their God, then they could be able to join each other on a common fight for their rights and freedom.

Brother Malcolm criticized the whites for controlling the black politicians and black politic and encouraged Black Nationalism and letting the blacks represent themselves by voting politicians they wanted. Malcolm X spoke against the blacks who were political projects and puppets of the whites. He encouraged his fellow black community members to be politically mature in order to avoid being misled to supporting politicians who did not have the best interest of the community at heart; this included them knowing the role the politics plays in their lives. He encouraged political consciousness and maturity among to enable elect leaders who suited their interest.

Mr. Malcolm X informed on the need for the black people to be in control of their economy,

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