Malcolm X: Rights of African Americans

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African Americans have come a long way for freedom and civil rights. Because of this, movements have taken place peacefully throughout history to obtain these opportunities. Prominent figures in society have fought for minorities to be free, represented, and understood.

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Although these privileges are now apparent in the world, for most, they are still presented with trials and tribulations that ultimately prohibit them from prospering in the same way as their counterparts. Malcolm X, an African American activist, and minister helped shaped the Civil Rights era by continuing his education to become an advocate for black rights, introducing his philosophies to allow others to understand their significance in society, and by influencing others to continue championing for civil rights.

Malcolm X furthered his education and in doing so was motivated to push for African Americans rights. He graduated from junior high school at the top of his class, only to lose interest after a favorite teacher told him that his dream of becoming a lawyer was, no realistic goal for a negro (Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet par 1). Malcolm X was a stellar student that was shattered after his teacher’s harsh words. X willingly listened to this negativity and gave up. As a result, he summoned up vengeance and got into trouble. In 1946, while imprisoned for robbery, Malcolm X converted to the Black Muslim faith and, within years of his release, rose up the ranks as a minister in the Nation of Islam (Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet par 2). After realizing his mistake, X turned his life around and became a minister and to preach the values of freedoms to his people for representation. This allowed him to prosper and teach Black Americans their standing in life along with their purpose.

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