Malcolm X Biography

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He was born May 19th, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska Malcolm X (originally Malcolm Little)’s father, a baptist minister, was an activist but he was killed when Malcolm was 6 years old, making the family poor. His mother went mad and was placed in an asylum, and siblings and him were sent to foster homes

He quits formal education when told he would be a carpenter and not a lawyer in 8th grade. He was sent a juvenile detention home in Michigan but soon was moved to the Roxbury section of Boston to live with his half-sister Ella, from his father’s previous marriage.

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During his teenage years, he dealt drugs, was a hustler, and was the leader of a gang of thieves in Roxbury and Harlem (NY)

He was in prison for robbery from 1946 to 1952, which lead him to convert himself, and join the Nation Of Islam – his brother Reginald was also a member and was one of the reason Malcolm decided to convert- they had been in prison together in 1948.

The Nation Of Islam was a movement for African-Americans that combined elements of black nationalism and Islam

He quit eating pork, smoking and gambling to be in this Nation – all those were part of the requirements to be a member.

All members had to replace their last name with ‘X’, it was a custom among the Nation of Islam followers who considered their last name to have originated from white slaveholders

He met Elijah Muhammad (leader of the Nation Of Islam) in Chicago (1952),

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