Making Friend in Violent Neighborhood

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According to the article “Making Friends in Violent Neighborhood: Strategies among Elementary School Children” By Anjanette M. Chan Tack and Mario L. Small.

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March 15, 2017, Sociological Science in the article the problem is that certain researcher is trying to study that they are trying to examine the friendships among children and the violent behavior. Researcher are trying to examine the friendships with other children’s where other children were observed. Children in violent neighborhood approach friendship cautiously, with a goal of staying safe while many studies have examined friendship formation among students. Young people tend to react to violence as a way to keep themselves from getting the target that is why many children join gangs for protection. In the neighborhood, the conditions can affect the children because of the poverty and the conditions in the neighborhood. In the previous research in the neighborhood violence is a way to have the youngster to have a friendship from the network that says that forming relationships with other peers can provide protection for people that live in a violent neighborhood. Many of the students are seeking for protection, avoidance, and testing our ability to connect with other students that can keep them safe. Some children plan to befriend other children who can provide protection for them, that is why children avoid making friends.

The relationship students form can help us learn that during our childhood we can shape other people’s ability to maintain a stable relationship as we grow up as adults.Many of the students said things about the serious violence going on because people are killed because of neighborhood violence. In the neighborhood it is a risk because in the article it shows that’s neighborhood are found risk a lot of times “In 2016, Chicago, the site of our study, experienced 750 murders, the largest number since 1997 (Bostman and Smith 2016). Violent crime rates in Chicago have been persistently high for some time. An earlier survey of more than 500 children in three elementary schools on Chicago’s South Side found that 26 percent of elementary school children had witnessed a shooting, 30 percent had witnessed a stabbing, and 78 percent had witnessed a beating”, (Tack And Small 225). People who were previously in bad neighborhoods are cautious to see if they are able to go outside without being killed or anything like that. The bad things in violent neighborhoods are that there are many gangs and people in gangs will start killing each other because you would hear the gunshot around your house. Violence is a way to understand friendships with others. Even in the neighborhood, you will get involved with fights. Students that are not in gangs are told to joined gangs with others, and then they would tell you to make you do drugs and all kinds of things in neighborhoods in the ends they would end up fighting.

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