Major League Soccer

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In order to win from the Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2019, we will train a 25-year-old man playing in Midfield. Midfielder, the toughest position in soccer, must be fast and require great stamina. I’d like to make the periodization training program for the MLS soccer season, which usually starts in March and ends in October.

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The periodization training program is an important part of training to reduce excessive training and improve performance. Training plans can be structured with the concept of periodicity. The concept of periodization can be described as the segmentation of training objectives and the coordination of training loads. The goal of training is to show the best performance at the optimal time, but achieving that goal requires a step-by-step development.

Annual training programs are divided into several training phases according to their goals, and each of them consists of several detailed aspects. There are several long-term trainings in the detailed phases, and the long-term trainings consist of several short-term trainings. Moreover, daily training, the smallest unit of the periodic program, is a component of short-term trainings. If a soccer player spends too much time preparing and playing, he or she is stressed from physiological and psychological fatigue. Physiological fatigue of the body is recoverable with a few days of rest, but the psychological stresses from repetitive trainings and games are difficult to eliminate with just two to three days of rest.

Continuing training in this situation will have a negative impact in many ways. Therefore, the goal is to get rid of mental and physical fatigue, and prepare for intensive training at the next basic physical training stage. In particular, a competitor who has not participated in training or competition due to a sports related injury must recover during this period, and prepare for the next season. In general, at the end of the October, they take a full week or two off before working on low intense aerobic endurance exercises. In the first and second weeks of November, three games are played each week to help them relieve their accumulated fatigue and psychological tension during the season. They should exercise four or five times a week for three or four weeks.

It should also be used as an analysis period of the competition results and training programs over the past season, and as a development period of new team tactics and annual training plans. . The training phase, which runs through December, aims to eliminate fatigue, relieve physical and mental stress, recover from injury, and maintain basic physical strength. The training program focuses on physical training such as swimming, climbing, and interval training.

In the next step, training should be conducted to improve overall endurance, muscle endurance and flexibility, which are the physical factors required primarily by soccer players.

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