Main Principles of Time Management

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INABILITY TO SAY NO: We all hunger to be as helpful as we can when others need us, but this can mean pleasing time away from other priorities to do something we may not have planned.

INTERRUPTIONS: Many times, we are in the middle of completing something really important and the telephone rings. These calls can not only take you away from your task, but occasionally they interpose your train of thought and you cant return to where you were without redoing your steps.

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MORE INTERRUPTIONS: We all like to visit with others, but discussions at unsuitable times can cost us time when we have to stop what we are doing and transmit ourselves from our plans.

PERIODS OF INACTIVITY: As abundant as we think we are busy, there are periods in our day when we are not really doing anything. Knowing and making use of these times can have a optimistic effect on our efforts.

TOO MANY THINGS AT ONCE: Many of our errands are not practices. They require attention to detail. When we are attempting to do too many different things at one time, each individual task agonizes as a result.

STRESS AND FATIGUE: Everyone practices stress from time to time, and sometimes we actually operate a little better when there is some level of stress. Too much stress, on the other hand, causes our work to suffer and attires us down physically and mentally. Dealing with stress is an important part of time managing.

ALL WORK AND NO PLAY: Most effective people know how to stability work and play. When work takes over your life, you not only give your body little time to re-energize, but you may end up losing the really vital things in life like family and friends.


The difficulties that we face are not insoluble. Sometimes, the stiffest thing to do is to identify that these obstacles exist and are affecting your ability to manage your time.When you have identified your problems, you can begin to overcome them. Plans you can use to overwhelmed the problems we just examined:


The first,

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