Main Ideas Of The Kite Runner Novel

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The novel begins with a flashback in order layout for the reader about Amirr’s life before he had moved to San Francisco. Amirr’s flashback allows the reader to understand that in the winter of 1975, everything had changed and shaped him into who he is today. It states how he has been trying to avoid his past, but it always finds a way to claw out.

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In addition, he received a phone call from Rahim Khan: a person who brings the narrator memories of past and his sins. Finally, you learn that the narrator has a friend named, Hassan, who he recalls saying that he would do anything for him. Hassan is Alir’s son who grew up serving Amirr’s family. The two boys grew up together with Amir living in Babar’s mansion and Hassan in a mud shack. Hassan has an almost perfectly rounded faced which is compared to a Chinese doll. He has a flat broad nose and slanting narrow eyes compared to bamboo leaves and sapphire.

In addition, he has a low set of tiny ears and a cleft lip: a birth defect. Hassan has a mother named, Sanaubar, who had banned him for a group of singers and dancers. His first word is Amir which is important because it shows his relationship with the protagonist. He had come to Amirr’s life because Ali and Baba had grown up together after Alir’s parents were killed by a car accident. For example, Babar’s father took in Ali, who is now an orphan, and raised him as his own. Like Baba and Ali who grew up to be childhood playmates, Hassan and Amir are similar. Amir lives with a more wealthy lifestyle, in contrast, Hassan is a servant. To be a Hazara is to be a mice-eating, flat-nosed, or load carrying donkeys. This is because of their history when the Hazara were oppressed by the Pashtun. They were killed with unspeakable violence when trying to fight back. The Pashtun took away their land, burned their homes and sold off women.

Hassanr’s family, Hassan, Ali and Sanaubar are Hazaras. To be a Pashtun is to be the more dominated and stronger group within the Muslim religion. They had oppressed and persecuted the Khazars killing them. Therefore with their history, they feel more superior as they are known to be the majority group in their country. Amirr’s family including his mother Baba and himself are Pashtun. Later in the story, the reader finds out by Assef is a Pashtun. Amir describes his home as this beautiful house in the community of Wair Akbar Khan district with a lot of details to back up his reasoning. Leading up to the house a is a wide entryway lined with rose bushes. The house has marble flooring and gold tapestries.

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