Main Ideas In Everyday Use Novel

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Everyday Use; Story Analysis

Legacy is a fundamental principle to human life. The spigot enables individuals to interface and relate. For people to proceed to relate and advance legacy needs to develop too. “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker is the tale of two sisters, one taught voyager and one basic shut-in. Through a basic clash, so much is uncovered about how the two sisters live their lives and what is of incentive to them.

This story, albeit short, conveys a major message about a legacy in a developing world. Legacy taking care of business can’t be stopping or only something of the past, yet rather it should always change and create as time unfurls. The story is described by their mom, relates a cumbersome gathering of two sisters, Maggie and Dee. Maggie has dependably been a less difficult young lady who wanted to remain at home with their mom, Mama, in Augusta, Georgia. Be that as it may, Dee was sent to class, ventured to the far corners of the planet, and picked upped progress. Dee’s landing is premeditated by a quality of uneasiness as neither Maggie nor Mama comprehend what weird traditions Dee may have gotten. As the time gravitates toward a vehicle methodologies and Dee rises with an outside beau. Maggie is cumbersome and chilly to the new visitor, and Mama is tired. Dee reports that she has changed her name to “Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo” because she wouldn’t like to be named after the general population who persecuted the African Americans, so she gave herself a conventional African name to respect her underlying foundations (for contentions purpose she will in any case be alluded to as Dee).

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Deer’s arrival is met with considerably more uneasiness as she treats Maggie like a dolt. She at that point requests that Mama bring home family relics that are as yet used by the ladies in their everyday lives, for example, an old spread agitate. As Dee keeps on guaranteeing rights to these old household things, feeling that she can appropriately welcome them, she runs over some family effects that lead the story to its contention about the significance and present-day estimation of legacy. Dee experiences Mama’s trunk and rises with quilts woven with the ancestral garments including their Grandma Dee’s dresses and their extraordinary granddads common war uniform. Dee says that she will remove the blankets from their hands with the goal that she can gladly hang and show them at her home. This does not go over well as these blankets were at that point guaranteed to Maggie. Dee rebukes this by expressing that Maggie will use them as though they are only a typical, unsentimental thing and will destroy such valuable treasures. The story closes with Dee putting down both Mama and Maggie saying they don’t comprehend their own legacy and that Maggie needs to isolate herself from the family ranch and make a big deal about her life as she drives off (Walker 1531-1537).

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