Magical Homes in London and Dubai

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What promotional strategies can be undertaken when environmental factors affect real estate business? Case study of “Magical Homes in London and Dubai”


Real estate business is one of biggest market of the business world, contained the largest surplus money of the business. The history of the real estate business is very strange and unpredictable. No doubt is slow moving industry with respect to time but it carries a lot. Past experiences shows that property investment was the first and safest priority in all over the world for long term investments and profit making business. Where the property investors has seen the huge profits there was also a slumps in the property market which made the real estate business an anonymous business. There were number of environmental factors behinds the uncertainty of the real estate business which influenced in the shape of recession, natural disasters, economic condition, political instability and some time in the shape of sports event like Olympics hit the real estate market positively and negatively. On time decisions and effective management can make things easier. Promotion plans and strategies can reduced the impact of environmental factors on the real estate business. This study was about learnt the past experiences and to find out the impact of new environmental factor and their influenced on the real estate market. The aims of the study was to learnt the behaviour of the environmental factors in the modern age with respect of politically, economically, sociologically, technologically and legally. Even in the modern world an other emerging factor was the hosting of sports events like Olympics and worst factor in the history was the recession which influenced the real estate market in very unexpected manners. The objectives of the study was to study the promotional plans and strategies which could be the best deal to reduced the impact of such environmental factors and to enhance the believe of the investors and builder to come forward and join the world leading business for huge profits and gaining. The on time decisions and the suggested strategy can raise the investment in the real estate business. The conclusion and recommendation can explain the objectivity of the study in a comprehensive manner.

Chapter one

1 Introduction

Real estate property business has a very interesting history of its own. It is a very uncertain and unpredictable market and because of its strangeness, this international business market is very charming for investors and entrepreneurs. The investments in this market usually much higher than expected therefore a huge surplus of money is still lying in this business market. Despite of recent terrible crash of real estate business, still got a large investment to spend. People visiting around the world for peace and looking for luxury living at minimum cost or affordable cost, So customers and investors need to know the ups and downs of the market in the mirror of past, present and future, no doubt its not perfectly doable but at least the research like this can make the investors wiser and predictable and they can think either their investments are in right direction or they going to make a dumb decision.

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