Macbeth – A Story About The Journey And How He Became A King

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Macbeth is a story about the journey of Macbeth and how he became a king. Initially he was a hero and a string man who actually led the army in the kingdom of Duncan. This was actually the reason that made the king choose him to be a thane after the previous one was killed as per the orders of the king. He met with witches who make prophesies to him about him becoming the thane and later the king of the kingdom, (Macaw & Shakespeare, 56). It was not long after this prophesies that he was chosen by the king to be the thane. He thought to himself that the prophesies were actually true and that he would be the king sooner than later, (Eric, 68). Although he was aware of the prophesy, that he would be the king, he listened to his wife when she urged him to kill the king. He was ambitious to be the king that he heeded to the wrong advice of his wife. Macbeth was to blame for his action of killing the king. First and foremost, he would not have listened to his wife’s advice since he knew better that killing the king would be wrong. Moreover the king loved him thus choosing him to be the thane and therefore he would have respected that and loved him back as well rather than being greedy, (Stancil, 76). The best thing he should have done in that situation was to condemn his wife and let her know that that was a terrible idea, (Stancil, 76). Better yet he would have told her that killing was not right and would eventually catch up with him. Furthermore, Macbeth would have been patient and waited for the time to come. According to the prophesy of the witches he would first become a thane and then the king,

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