Lung Cancer: Causes and Symptoms

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Lung cancer is an uncontrollably growth of an abnormal cell that does not develop healthy lung tissue. The most common way to contract lung cancer is from smoking Cigarettes, 2nd hand smoke, or even in radon also know as radioactive gas. Facts for many years have stated why smoking or 2nd hands smoke from cigarettes are the leading cause for this cancer, but radon is a factor as well because it could be found within our homes and/or our water supply.

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It could be found in our homes by the crack in the walls, gaps around service pipes, cavities insides the walls, and etc. Some of the risk factors that comes into play with lung cancer are 2nd hand smoke, radon, and even family history. Family history could be apart of the risk factor only because it could be passed through inherited or environmentally-acquired gene mutation. Unfortunately, African American men are more prone to this disease due to their over socioeconomic status, opposed to other races or even women. Not to say that other races or sex are not exposed to this disease, but just because of their socioeconomic status it some how plays a role in their health condition/s.

The way this cancer is diagnosed is by either an X-ray, CT scan, sputum cytology, or even a biopsy. An X-ray is to check for abnormal mass/nodules. CT scan is checked for small lesions. An Sputum cytology is checked for a sputum when coughing under a microscope. Then the biopsy is checked for a small tissue that shows signs of a tumor. Although,

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