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Ludwig van Beethoven’s interest in music

Ludwig van Beethoven took associate interest in music at a pretty early age. On March twenty-sixth, 1778, at the age of seven and a 0.5 Beethoven gave his 1st public performance at Cologne. The musical and teaching abilities educated to Ludwig from his father were terribly restricted. before long Ludwig learned music, primarily the organ […]

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Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Beethoven’s fifth symphony is one of the best compositions of classical music and one of the most played symphonies (Schauffler, 1933). It was composed between 1804 and 1808 and first performed in 1808 at a concert in Vienna’s Theatre. At the concert, since it was performed late many people did not really get the music […]

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How much do you know about Beethoven?

We all know that Ludwig Van Beethoven was a musical composer but, did you know when he was born? Did you know who his parents were or how they were raised? Do you know how is parents treated him or his siblings? Was Ludwig Van Beethoven’s parents families poor or were their families wealthy? Do […]

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Beethoven’s calling in life

Ludwig Van Beethoven was born to be a musician. Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770, in Bonn, Germany. Beethoven’s dad was already a musical composer. His parents wanted to try to make him a musical prodigy, like Mozart, but it didn’t work out. By 1783, he was already a player in the Bonn Opera. […]

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Ludwig Van Beethoven and a music in his life

Ludwig Van Beethoven appreciated music at an early age. On Spring 26th, 1778, at 7 years old and a half Beethoven gave his first open execution at Cologne. The melodic and instructing abilities educated to Ludwig from his dad were exceptionally constrained. Before long Ludwig learned music, principally the organ and by understood performers, for […]

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About Beethoven

Beethoven was a variety famous for his music. He was born the 1770’s and sadly died in the 1827’s. Beethoven started losing his hearing in the 1762’s but in the 1798’s he lost 60% of his hearing but no one ever knows how beethoven lost his hearing it was unknown. Beethoven was part of a […]

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How did Beethoven start in music?

Ludwig van Beethoven is a beloved composer of some of the world’s finest music. He left the world with a legacy of great compositions that are dynamic and rich. His sweet melodies evoke deep emotion in men and women alike. The world will be forever blessed by his music and he, remembered through the ages. […]

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My love for Beethoven

I went to my classical music concert on December 2, 2018 at 1 PM! It was through the Colorado Symphony at the Boettcher Concert Hall. I arrived to see an All Beethoven performance with Hans Graf as the conductor and Inon Barnatan as the pianist. It consisted of Overture to Egmont, Op. 84; Piano Concerto […]

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Beethoven’s passion for music

Beethoven was a German who had a passion for music. He performed his first talent for piano at the age of eight. Beethoven’s father was very proud of him and wanted him to pursue a career in music. Beethoven played the piano in a court. He would study Haydn and Mozart. He relocated to Vienna […]

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Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Fidelio

Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Fidelio was Beethoven’s only opera. It was composed over 10 years (1805-1814), and is known as a Rescue Opera and Romantic Opera. The opera tells a story, which is composed of two acts. The story takes place in Seville, Spain (16th Century). Florestan, in the opera, was a politician. He tries to […]

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The Greatest Composer Beethoven

“The instrumental music of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven forms a peak in the development of tonal music and is one of the crucial evolutionary developments in the history of music as a whole. ” ~ Unknown Mozart aside, Ludwig van Beethoven is the most famous classical composer of the western world. Beethoven is […]

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