Low Carb or Low Fat Diet?

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According to the CDC, (Central Disease Control and Prevention) , about 93.3 million adults suffer from obesity in America as of 2016. That is nearly 30% of the entire population of America. I say “suffer” because obesity acts and is treated like an epidemic, affecting an enormous amount of people and for their entire lives.

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This is so much of a burden, that the average obese adult will pay around $1,500 more in medical costs than a person of normal weight. A major cause of obesity in America is a poor choice of diet. From this observation, we can narrow it all down into one question, which is the best diet for weight loss. In searching for differentiated diets, I came across and decided to do research on two of the most common diets: low carb and low fat. Some think that this question would be an easy decision and go on to pick low carb because carbohydrate essentially means sugar, and sugar sounds culpable to weight gain, or they might pick low fat, because the word fat does not sound very nutritional or healthy to have on a diet, so they choose this diet to cut it out. It then turns into a large dispute between parties on which is a better option marginally, followed by experiments depending on weight loss over a period of time. However, it is much deeper than just weight loss and what sounds right. The real question to be asked here is: “Which diet will help me reach my intended weight AND still keep me healthy?”

Even though the main goal is to test overall health, a good basis is to see which of the diets produces the greatest percentage of weight loss. In an experiment conducted by multiple MDs of the New Balance Foundation, eight different subjects were closely monitored while on either a low carb or a low fat diet. According to the article: “?At 6 months, there are differences in percent weight loss, with low-carb diets leading in percent loss (12)”. Conversely, “low-carbohydrate diet was better with regard to dyslipidemia and glycemic control after adjustment for differences in weight loss. (12)” What this article is saying is that low carb not only produces a greater percentage of weight loss, it also deals with dyslipidemia, which is described as an abnormally elevated level of cholesterol or fats found in the bloodstream, a common symptom of obesity. What this means for low carb is that it is both efficient at producing weight loss and is an overall healthier diet compared to low fat.

One confusing distinction in dieting and bodily health is the difference between blood sugar and blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, it is generally a side effect of diabetes and can be caused by overeating,

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