Long Term Effects of Child Abuse

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Every ten seconds, a report of child abuse is made in the United States. State agencies estimated over 700,000 children had fallen victim to maltreatment in 2014 alone; this is enough to fill ten football stadiums (Childhelp 1). From physical abuse to emotional and sexual- children of all different ages, genders, and cultures can face maltreatment just the same. Neglect also presents itself as a form of child abuse because ignoring care can be just as dangerous as providing the wrong care.

Physical abuse is characterized with violent actions. These actions include, but are not limited to: hitting, punching, slapping, choking, and pushing. Over 18% of children experience physical abuse in their developmental years. Marks are commonly left on victims and for this reason it may be easier to detect by outside parties. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse is easier to hide from the rest of the world. The marks are left on the pride of the victim rather than the skin. Nearly 7% of children experience the threats, constant yelling, and bullying that defines emotional abuse. Sexual abuse can be a combination of the two types of abuse described above. Sexual abuse is the unwanted touching to an unconsenting person for the sexual gratification of the perpetrator. Force of unwanted touching can be used along with threats; connecting sexual abuse to physical and emotional abuse. Of all the children experiencing abuse, almost 9% of them experience sexual abuse. Neglect is the failure to properly care for something, and in this case it’s children. An astounding 74.5% of children have a homelife with an environment that is unable to accommodate for their growing minds and bodies to flourish (American SPCC 1). Atmospheres as such lack the distribution of basic necessities such as food, water, housing, clothing, and healthcare. Being unable to provide emotional, educational, social and safety needs is also considered abuse (Kaplan 1).

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While child abuse isn’t exclusively directed towards one age group, it is more predominant in a given age range over others. More than one-quarter of the abuse in America occurs to children three years of age and younger (American SPCC 1). These kids are unable to defend themselves, and some even unable to comprehend what is happening to them and why it’s happening. Most times when a child is being abused it’s by a person that they love and trust. Someone they grew up around; and someone they don’t believe could treat them in such a way (American SPCC 1). One study revealed that the child personally knows the perpetrator 90% of the time.

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