Long-Term Care

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Long-Term Care Jacquetta Kelley HCS/310 September 12, 2010 Shannon Packard Long-term care is one of the options an individual has when it comes to care and treatment needed when one becomes older, disabled or develops a chronic illness. With the possibility of needing to receive such services in the future there are certain things one must ask them self, such as: What is this delivery systems role in providing services? What type of contribution, or lack of contribution, does it make to the overall management of healthcare services? When transitioning patients from one level of care to another what role does long term care play? What types of services are provided to patients and how do the services fit into the continuum of care? Lastly, with the future trends in health care how will the services patients receive be affected to keep up with the changes made to health care? Long-term care is generally provided in a facility such as nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, inpatient behavioral health facilities and long-term chronic care hospitals (MedicineNet, 2003). However this care can be provided in other settings as well like the patients home, home of a friend or family member or an adult day care facility (Day, n. d. ). This delivery systems role in providing services falls in the residential and care of the patients. They are concerned with continuing and/or enhance the patient’s ability to operate independently for as long as possible, making a comfortable social and physical environment to enhance the individual’s independence and quality of life and providing the best services to better meet the expectations of the patients as well as his or her family and friends (Stone, 2000). With this role in mind how does the long-term care service contribute to the management of healthcare services? With long-term care management of healthcare services may be more difficult due to the decreased mental and physical capabilities of the patients. One contribution is the training of staff members to not only recognize abuse of patients, but how to correct and prevent this abuse from happening. This is a vitally important contribution due to the fact that the deteriorating ental and physical well beings of patients make them easy targets for abuse, and they generally have a difficult time defending themselves or even identifying who their abusers are. Since this abuse may come not only from outside sources but from employees as well the long-term care field contributes to the safety of the patients by always performing their own background and employment checks. This ensures the facility that the chance of abuse, as well as other issues, are less likely to happen. Another important contribution that this system has made is setting up a reporting system that keeps the lines of communication open between medical teams. With the care needed for patients around the clock it is vital that any issues in regards to procedures, policies, medications and other services be brought to attention and addressed in a timely manner.

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