Long Lasting Presence of Racism

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Racism is the belief that one race is better than another race, this usually ends in multiple consequences that include being bias towards other Ethnicities or race. Since the early 1800’s racism in the United States has impacted many people of color in a negative way. Have you ever wandered how life would be different when it comes to political, and social discrimination? Do you believe that racism has been the cause of many deaths, and the cause of slavery in our nation? Racism has left a long-lasting effect in our society, which has been proven by many of the problems that we are currently facing in our Country.

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In addition, in our new modern society racism has also been the affect to many our nation’s economic problems. Most important racism has had a major impact socially, politically, and economically on blacks, and Mexicans.

Furthermore, bias between different races have encourage different writers to tell the stories. Some stories are true, and some are based on beliefs, and great examples of what has occurred and continues to occur in our society amongst people of different races. Furthermore, racism has played a major role during World War II for many people of different races. For example, African Americans were somewhat forced to enlist into the service to serve our country to earn respect, equality, and a place within society. Furthermore, discrimination against different races caused many deaths that occurred during their work on the line, and within our society. Not to mention, the major negative impact on the black community has been written in books, articles, and poetry to inform others of the horrible acts they had to sustain.

Therefore, after reading the book “With his pistol in His Hand”, and in the novel “If He Hollers Let Him go”, in my opinion they both define the meaning of racism against people of color, such as Blacks, and Mexicans. In addition, both books show different examples of discrimination towards people of different races. Moreover, both have been a good representation of where racism began.

First, the book “With His Pistol in His Hand” it is known as a true story that goes back to the early 1800’s when tension began to arise along the Texas- Mexican border. This tension began between 1850 and 1910 between the Anglos and the Mexicans. The conflicts reflected issues that included national boundaries, property, and the use of land. The First major issue occurred when the Anglo-Americans moved into Mexican territory (Flores,167).

Consequently, the issues between the Anglo-Americans and the Mexicans continued until the end of the war for Texas Independence that ended in 1836. Furthermore, this conflicts between the Anglos, and Mexicans continued until the U.S war against Mexico that took place in 1846.

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