Living With Depression and Anxiety

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As many years go by, depression and anxiety have truly reached the surface than it did back in the 1950’s. We are all so exposed to a whole lot more in this generation and traumatized by events, or sadly, are simply born with either one or both of these mental health disorders.
While there can be many causes of both depression and anxiety, let’s dive into the most common causes of these two mental illnesses. Beginning with depression, although there are various reasons, the most common causes are traumas, chemical imbalances or drugs.

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People who have witnessed or was a victim of a traumatizing event, could affect their whole life causing many flashbacks and sadness. A chemical imbalance is when there are not enough or more than enough of a chemical in your brain titled neurotransmitters. This can be treated with the right medications which takes about four to six weeks to get going and begin doing some justice to your mentality. Lastly, drugs can play a big role causing this feeling, but there is no certain drug exactly that causes depression because it is almost impossible to list the amount of drugs that is capable of doing so. The continuance and discontinuance of drugs may cause various symptoms of depression.

Anxiety has many different common causes like the environmental aspects of someone’s life, genetics or withdrawal. Living in an environment that is toxic, unsafe or unorganized, can cause many people anxiety. This disorder may be simply passed down from generation to generation but some are most likely to be exposed to it with the right trigger.

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